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Breidbach Awareness Programme Improves the Lives of Youth Within the Community

The Sub-Directorate of the Special Programmes Unit (SPU) on the Rights of the Child is improving the local community one school at a time, after conducting a successful awareness programme at Breidbach Primary School on 2 November 2023.


The awareness session focused on the school’s pressing challenges, which included bullyism, substance abuse and crime leading to gender-based violence. Two members of Bhisho Youth Care Centre who were part of the day’s programme, relaying how a life of crime and rebellion had lasting consequences on their lives, urging the young learners to make the most of the opportunities made available to them and stray from living a life of crime.


An official of the South African Police Service (SAPS) was invited to educate learners on the consequences of bullying and substance abuse, also debunking common misconceptions that minors cannot face legal implications for their involvement in wrongdoing.


The awareness session was held in partnership with the Department of Education, SAPS and Social Development.

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