Ministerial Imbizo: Sustainability in the Creative Sector 🗓

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Ministerial Imbizo: Sustainability in the Creative Sector

Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture, Zizi Kodwa led the Ministerial Imbizo at the Miriam Makeba Arts Centre in East London on the 13th of October.


In his consultation with the creatives sector, the Minister committed to providing more support to the arts. He highlighted that the department is taking a step towards transforming from being event-focused, to adopting a sustainable approach to assist the challenges in the sector. Kodwa emphasised that it is time that the department steered from providing funding to the same individuals and groups, and rather extend their support to benefit more projects across the country.


Members from various arts and culture organisations used the platform as an opportunity to voice their grievances. It provided a forum for creatives from the region to discuss the opportunities and challenges facing the industry, siting the more most pressing issues were poor infrastructure, lack of funding as well as the marginalisation of people with disabilities in the sector. Despite the numerous challenges they face, the creative sector acknowledged the department’s legacy and its commitment to the growth of the creative arts in the province.

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