Commemoration of the late Nkosi Ncaphayi 🗓

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Commemoration of the late Nkosi Ncaphayi

A memorial monument was erected and unveiled in honour of Nkosi Ncaphayi, on the 29th of September 2023 in Gwadana. Ncaphayi was a traditional leader who became known for his immense contribution to the struggle against colonial expansion and land dispossession.


The commemoration marked 145 years since the conflict between amaGcaleka and the British-led army resumed in 1877.  Nkosi Ncaphayi was one of formidable Xhosa traditional leaders that featured prominently in the Wars of Resistance, also known as the Eastern Cape Frontier Wars (1779 – 1878).  Nkosi Ncaphayi fought in the Ninth Frontier War at the Battle of Gwadana where he was killed in 1878. It is thought he was buried around the area; however, the actual place of his burial remains unknown.


The memorial monument was aimed at keeping the memory of his contribution, and many others who fought against colonial invasion to defend their nation, alive as well as adding to the richness of the history in the Gwadana area.


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