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Cultural Affairs develops, supports and promotes Arts and Culture industry in the province. It identifies, promotes and preserves heritage resources, supports geographic naming by local government, and ensures the implementation of the provincial language policy framework. The Programme is sub-divided into four (4) Sub-Programmes, which are: 


Management is responsible for effective and efficient management and administration of the Programme. 

Arts and Culture

This Sub-Programme is responsible for the promotion and advancement of Arts and Culture disciplines through the development of Visual Arts, Crafts and Performing arts and by providing assistance to Projects, Programmes and Community Art Centers. 

Museums and Heritage Resource Services

Museums and Heritage Sub-Programme is responsible for the conservation, preservation, transformation and promotion of Cultural and Natural Heritage through Museum and Heritage Institutions. 

Language Services

Language Services is responsible to ensure the constitutional rights of the people of the Eastern Cape Province are met through the utilization of the main languages of the Province. The Medium Term Strategic Priority of the Programme is to build cohesive, caring and sustainable communities, whereas the Long-Term Strategic Focus areas are:

1. Cultural Industry Development

2. Social Cohesion

3. Legislative and Policy Development

4. Infrastructure Development

5. Improve Heritage Management

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