The role of the Head of Department is to provide strategic leadership, support and overall management of the Department in order to promote leadership accountability and development as prescribed in the Public Service Act and the Public Finance Management Act. In pursuit of the above his job functions are to:

1.Provide strategic leadership to the department in line with the vision and mission.
2.Ensure compliance with all relevant Acts, regulations, policies, work ethics, norms and standards.
3.Create an open, performance-driven and client orientated work culture.
4.To develop and maintain a dynamic and learning organization and instil a sense of respect for Batho Pele principles
5.Participate in Provincial management structures in support of the provincial government goals and objectives.
6.Ensure efficient and effective management and administration of the department which includes proper use and care of stat property, training and development of staff, the maintenance of discipline and the promotion of sound labour relations
7.Promote and strengthen professionalism and build capacity within the department.
8.Ensure effective co-ordination and administration on implementation of integrated planning, policies and service delivery strategies in respect of:
9.Provide support to MEC in her role as political Head and Executive Authority as it relates to the Vision and Mission of the Department