It is a known fact that the old regime deliberately sidelined the black majority from benefitting from the treasure libraries offer to growth and development of human mind. The move by the Department of Arts and Culture in particular to provide funding for the establishment of property equipped libraries in previously disadvantaged communities has been a highly progressive initiative, and a game- changer in strides towards providing access to information. The move has given content to the maxim that access to information is not a previlege but a basic human right.

The Department of Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture, in its efforts to promote reading culture, fight illiteracy and promote library usage, resolved to provide modular libraries throughout the Province. These areas were identified because of their rural nature, coupled with the long distance to town. The intention therefore, is to bring the service closer to the people, and make the maxim of rural bias a reality.

Two of these modulars (Elunyaweni in Ugie and Lower Tsitsana in Maclear) were officially opened on the 19th and 20th of January 2017 in Elundini Local municipality within the Joe Gqabi District Municipality by the MEC Dr Pemmy Majodina.  By the time of the opening Lower Tsitsana was opened as Chief Cornelius Sejosengoe who was a progressive Chief and community developer that established a school in that area. 

In these libraries the Department has provided ICT equipment which is 5 computers per library, Access control, Book detection system photocopiers and Biometric system that includes surveillance cameras.

It is our firm belief that these libraries will promote the culture of reading, reduce illiteracy and ensure life-long learning that will go a long way in nurturing knowledgeable, informed and dynamic citizens.

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