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Today is one of the historical moments in the Eastern Cape Sport as we are celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Ngumbela Cricket Development Tournament. The initiative by Mr Ngumbela has not just contributed to cricket development but has also put the province on the map of Sport Development in South Africa. This day is therefore needs to be celebrated by all, young and old from the breadth and length of our country. We salute Ndlovu for having carried and keeping on improving this initiative. Ndlovu, you really deserve to be called, AH!! THANDABANTU!! You are indeed a community builder.

Ladies and gentlemen what Mr Ngumbela is doing is indeed Rural Development in action and that is in line with the priorities of our government. We must therefore understand that for the lives of the people of the rural areas to improve government can never walk it alone but with partners from the private sector. I therefore want to appeal to all present to come forward and work with government in various programmes that are about uplifting the rural poor. Mr Ngumbela has therefore cut the pattern for all of us, INTO ENTLE IYAFUNDWA KUYOSETYENZWA NGAYO KWENYE INDAWO.

Ladies and gentlemen the area of Alice, Fort Beaufort and Healdtown is rich when it comes to the history of Black Cricket and I know that Mr Ngumbela is one of those young boys that played without expecting any remuneration. Today because of the initiatives like the Ngumbela Rural Cricket Development clubs and players are able to take something home. We also note with appreciation that the Ngumbela Cricket Development Programme did not only end on the actual game but went further to contribute towards the Rural Infrastructure Development as we all see how this facility has improved from year to year. The challenge is now with Border Cricket and Cricket South Africa to consider bringing some major games to this part of the world. It cannot be correct that big and good things are only about East London, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town, Pretoria, Johannesburg and Durban, in fact even East London deserves far better than what it is getting now. The Eastern Cape is the base of South African Cricket. If you want to see people irrespective of colour and sex coming together for cricket in numbers more often from rural, semi-urban and urban areas you must come to this province.

In conclusion, ladies and gentlemen let me once more commit that the department will continue to support and work with Mr Ngumbela in his initiatives of Sport Development as they are indeed contributing to our objectives that are about, increasing participation in sport and improving the capacity of the sport sector.

The picture we see here today is what would be highly appreciated if it could be every weekend irrespective of the code of sport. Ladies and gentlemen thanks to you all for having taken time to come and watch cricket, to us that means a lot.


THANK YOU !!!    

DATE                 : 04 January 2019
TIME                  : 13H00


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