‚ÄčThe Department of Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture (DSARC) in partnership with Advocate Mthetheli Ngumbela, Raymond Mhlaba Local Municipality and Sport Confederation will host the 29th Annual Ngumbela Cricket Tournament in Healdtown on 7 January 2018. The Cricket Tournament is organised annually as part of rural sport development and to keep the youth active, increasing self-esteem, promote patriotism and a strong sense of citizenship among young people.

The Tournament was founded by Advocate Ngumbela in 1989 as alternative to high crime, violence, drinking and fighting that would occur during festive season in Healdtown, Fort Beaufort and Alice.

 What inspired Advocate Ngumbela to start the tournament amongst other things was his passion for the game and the desire to develop good cricketers who are not dependent on drugs and alcohol.
Fear Not cricket club from Ngwevu Location are the reigning champions of 2017 and will be defending their top position.  

Members of the media are invited to attend the Cricket Tournament as follows:
Date : 7 January 2018
Time  : 09h00
Venue : Ngumbela Sports Grounds, Healdtown, Fort Beaufort, Eastern Cape

For RSVP, contact:
Mr Sivuyile Ngaba  
Cell: 071 403 5294
Email: Sivuyile.Ngaba@ecsrac.gov.za
For media queries, contact:
Mr Andile Nduna   
Cell: 071 411 4820    
Email: Andile.Nduna@ecsrac.gov.za  

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